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How to take a cold shower (from an engineering perspective)

Recently, my hot water heater was disabled.

I needed to take a shower. The water was cold. What do I do? Here are my strategies (I successfully completed it.) Hopefully they can help you too!!!


It helps to have a removable handle shower head to direct water more precisely. You don’t want cold water splashing up.

The face and hair

If you’ve ever been to a fancy hair salon you know you can wash your hair and not let the water hit you easily by tilting your head back or forward and washing it. Same with the face really. Wash your face and hair first, then dry.

The extremities

These are the least sensitive to cold. Focus on these first. The feet, the legs, the arms and hands can be done one at a time. Do these first. Afterwards, your body should be used to the cold.

Your privvies

Your privates. Your legs should be used to the cold so when the water drips down… Enough said.

Your core

This is probably the most sensitive to cold. But honestly, by now, you can withstand about 20 seconds of cold water. Go to it!


Utilizing my slow-step-transition method, might as well disconnect your gas and/or water heater altogether and save some money!