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Friday Babble, May 31, 2013

Every Friday, some babble and somewhat stream-of-conscious thoughts…

UAT and QA do not mix

I think UAT is great. It adds a whole new perspective to the project. It adds much more of the (non-technical) user perspective to testing. However, it is definitely not the same as QA, not the same approach and definitely should not be an added phase after QA that affects development. Rather, the stakeholders involved in “UAT” need to have a say earlier on in the process, need to look at the documents produced by QA earlier in the project, clearly communicate and guide during the early process to dev and QA so that UAT is simply a brushstroke after QA is done.

Sleep/pause/waits are for ninnies

In my opinion, if you use a time/sleep/pause/wait in your automated script, something is wrong with your code. Pause. (get it? Street lingo play-on-words). If you have an ajax request in the midst of loading, you need to account for it. If you have elements loading to populate a table, wait for an indication that the table is loaded. A script riddled with sleeps/waits smells like lazy programmer to me. Save it for debugging or some other purpose. (re: “ninnies”, an old co-worker of mine used that word. He used to say “IDE’s are for ninnies…” More about that later. I disagree, but…)

LinkedIn forums are very revealing

There’s some pretty revealing questions asked on LinkedIn forums by some “QA Analysts”. Word of advice, if you are going to ask “How do I write a test plan” or “What is the difference between a defect and a feature request?” on a site that is intended to help you get employment, please use an alias. Should be obvious… right??

TINSTAAFL and outsourcing

TINSTAAFL = There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Outsourcing = Free Lunch. Yeah. No such thing. Don’t get fooled by the cheap price. May be obvious in today’s world of startups, but come prepared with a designer, a good Requirements writer/gatherer, a good tech requirements writer and most importantly, a GOOD QA ANALYST! 😉 In all fairness, they don’t read minds, and they are superb at following directions, but can’t follow directions they don’t have… You gotta spend money to get “money”…

Happy Friday and let the weekend free-time on-the-side hacking/programming/research begin!!