Side Projects

Stuff I am working on on the side. All code is by me originally unless otherwise stated (use of external libraries, etc.)

NOTE: Emphasis on “on the side”, meaning there may be some incomplete Wikis, some not-yet-refactored code, etc. Take note this is merely for my pleasure and when I have time. Also, names are arbitrary and not thought out. If any┬áinadvertent┬ácopyright infringement, please inform me and I will change immediately.

  • PyTwitService – parses your Twitter Timeline, RT’s if meets user-set reqmt’s and emails user to notify of RT or failure.
  • pystocktracker – simple stock tracker. Tracks certain stock tickers and sends email notification if above/below user-set price criteria.
  • keyworddriven – Keyword driven automation framework (bare bones) written in java.
  • pasadenapower – Webdriver driven script that logs on to Pasadena Water Power and emails pertinent info about my accounts.